Our Rates

Phone (856) 528-6582
FAX (877) 850-0192
Flat Rate: Sedan $ 50.00 Per Hour Flat Rate For Our Van $ 85.00 Per Hour
Tolls, Parking, and Service: Customer will be responsible for these charges at cost.
A. Arrange, Arrive then Call
Place standby reservations in advance.
There will be a $ 50.00 per hour waiting time.

B. Arrive then Call
(Outside On Demand) As soon as you've landed call us from terminal at 1(856)-528-6582
We will assign a car number, a 15-minute or less ETA and direct you to a designated terminal
pick-up spot.

C. Arrange, Proceed to Zone #6 (Limousine) or Zone #7 Vans
(Outside Reservation) Place your reservation and confirm an outside terminal pick-up location. We will verify the arrival time and dispatch a car to match. Upon landing, you may go directly to designated pick-up spot without calling the dispatch office. We sugget confirming your car number before leaving the terminal. Waiting time is chargeable if the flight is delayed beyong the updated arrival time posted by airline.

D. Arrange, Proceed to Baggage Claim
(Inside Reservation) Place your reservation. We will confirm inside pick-up and verify arrival time with airline. Your car will be dispatched 15 minutes in advance of the updated arrival time to give the driver sufficient time to park.

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P: 856-528-6582